Float Services

Float Spa @ Massage & Body is located at 4297 Sergeant Road, Sioux City, IA.

Please fill out a Float Consent Form (Click Here) and bring in on your first visit.

For the first 90 days after introducing our Float Pods we are offering a reduced price of just $34.99 (plus tax) per session! Take advantage of this great offer!

What is Float Therapy?

Float therapy is the latest trend in relaxation and is a powerful tool for wellness, pain relief and better sleep. As with any therapy, its benefits are enhanced with regular use. Stress, tension and pain have formed over time and will take some time to experience the greatest relief.  Floating is a relaxing, fun, and effortless way to do so!  “Floaters” can listen to music; can include Light Therapy in the pod; can float with the lid open, closed or in combination.  Floating offers sensory stimulation and/or sensory deprivation in order to achieve your desired outcome.


Float therapy offers relief and benefits which are cumulative, they build on themselves with each subsequent session. Though flotation is an “effortless” therapy, the body and mind actually learn how to relax into the float with each session.  Floating offers an all-natural approach which has been proven to help a wide scope of ailments and offer physical and general well-being.


Physical Benefits

•   Improves athletic performance and helps prevent sports injuries, speeds healing process

•   Decreases the production of Cortisol, ACTH, Lactic Acid, and Adrenaline

•   Increases the production of endorphins

•   Quickens rehabilitation and recovery

•   Relieves pain from arthritis, migraines, injuries, etc.

•   Boosts immune function

•   Improves circulation

•   Increases distribution of oxygen and nutrients

•   Reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption


General Well Being

•   Promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation

•   Eliminates fatigue and jet lag

•   Improves sleep

•   Alleviates stress (mental and physical)

•   Energizes, rejuvenates and revitalizes


Left/Right Brain Synchronization

•   Shifts brain waves from the Beta to Alpha, Theta and even Delta

•   Better mental clarity and alertness

•   Increases creativity and problem solving ability

•   Intensifies acuteness of all the senses

•   Accelerates learning

•   Diminishes depression, anxiety and fear

•   Facilitates freedom from habits, phobias and addictions